Gantry crane @ Hiroshima International Port
Signs warning ``Here is a restricted area''
This is a container reserved for us. 40ft Hi-cube.
An opening looking
a first box appers from storage.
Signs for handling. If some of those labels becomes red, please notify it.
All works were inspected by an independent company. A person with an yellow hard hat is employee of operator while another person with a white hard hat is the independent company. This is a Nittsu regulation for safety and traceability.
A box containing the most fragile stuff, telescope, was placed at a corner.
Tilt watch
A box containing the lightnign transformer and CCDs and the instrument.
Do lashing. A worker can stand on a edge of the top surface of the box but not on the surface.
Pegged with wood bars for fixing their position.
A box containing the equatorial mount.
Boxes for the dome.
They were going to put a box on another box to save space. Need wood rods to put on.
From this picture, those show how do this kind of a long box was loaded into the container. Amazing!!
Turning around.
Move a box transveserly using the fork lift function.
Push a box by the fork lift.
The final looking.
Closed the door.
Sealed with a special equipment.
A heavy equipment for lifting up the container.
Good bye!